Year update – 2019

YEAAHHH – my portfolio has it’s first birthday. I started buying stocks for this dividend portfolio in late December 2018. It’s now a great time to take some time to reflect on the past year of dividends and stock buys and maybe look a bit into the future.

But let’s start with the most important stuff: THE DIVIDENDS!

In 2019 I received a total of DKK 1215,08 / 186 $

Look at this pretty thing:

This graph shows my accumulated dividends in DKK. The graph says it all: I am going in the right direction!

I have some secondary goals of my portfolio to keep me motivated and on track. In 2019 I already completed three of these goals :

  • Have a dividend portfolio with shares in 10 different companies(February 2019)
  • Have a dividend portfolio with shares in 50 different companies (June 2019)
  • Receive dividends worth of 100 $ in a year (June 2019)

In 2020 I hope to have shares in a 100 different companies and complete my goal of dividend carpet bombing.

I am not sure, if I will achieve the goal of receiving dividends worth of 100 $ in one month but I will try!

I also have a goal of making twice as much in dividend payments for 2020. The goal for 2020 is DKK 2500 / 390 $.

Outlook for 2020

As you may have read in my monthly update for December 2019, I am starting to buy a bit more stocks than usual. The market is high, but I still see some potential out there. I also have som cash, which is not generating any interest at the moment.

I will also add P2P lending to my portfolio as well as crowdlending in real estate. More on this later. Like dividends these are both classified as passive income (my favourite kind of income!)