What I would do if I were in my twenties

I know it is odd to get life advice from a 35-year old. Life advice usually comes from celebrities or old people.

But I think it is great to get advice from someone who stills remembers how it was and has a somewhat good idea of how the worlds works today.

This makes the advice more realistic and more down to earth than say an advice from Kanye West or my wifes grandmother who’s 87 years old.

Here is my list of things I would do if I was in my twenties:

I think you could guess this one! One thing that often beats knowledge in the stock market is time and perseverance. The earlier you could start – even just with a little amount – the better. This way you learn how to trade and how to pick stocks. Make a plan. When I was living one my own, I didn’t have much money to live by. But I made the plan, that every month I would split the money that was left on my account and invest half of it and save the other half on a savings account.

Go on adventures
A bucket list is like a scorecard you can go trough when you’re really old. Adventures counts for a lot. Make room in your life for great adventures. They don’t need to be expensive or take a lot of time. Planned holidays at resorts are great but they should never replace adventures.

Learn something new
As the last thing on the list this one also suggest that you keep learning trough life. After college/university people tend to stop learning new things. If you need inspiration then read Jakob Lund Fisker’s Early Retirement Extreme who explains his thoughts of the modern man and the renaissance man.

Party, socialize and learn to be in peace of who you are
Take your time to reflect and get to know who you are and figure out what makes you happy. Keep doing this trough life, because things will change and so will you. Great times with friends and family are the things that count for the most on the bucket list scorecard.

Keep evolving
AS you should never stop learning, you should never stop evolving as well. Maybe use New Years eve to reflect on your life. Are you happy? Are you doing things that makes you happy? What kind of a person are you to other people and is this the person you wan’t to be. Figure out what the best version of you is, and figure out what it takes to be this person. (sorry for the philosophical doctrines. It doesn’t make it untrue though!)

There’s a great list here aswell: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2017/07/if-you-dont-do-these-23-things-in-your-twenties-then-youre-going-to-regret-it-later/

My bucket list:

Besides being a good dad and a good husband I would like to:

  • Dive with a whale shark
  • See a humpback whale jump
  • See orcas in the wild
  • Learn a fourth language (Italian, French or Spanish)
  • Travel in Asia, Africa and southern America
  • Build something from scratch (greenhouse, garage, furniture)
  • Race the Trans Alp
  • Ride my bike on Corsica
  • Have my own café/restaurant (even just for a pop-up event)

Things I’m proud of and will never forget or regret

  • Waited for the right one and married her
  • Got a kid
  • Being active and exercised regularly
  • Been to the Maldives
  • Taught myself to take nice pictures with a pro camera
  • Completed an Ironman Triathlon
  • Completed the La Marmotte (bikerace) twice with a friend both times.
  • Been on cycling trips with a good friend and saw the Tour de France
  • Worked and saved money after high school to go three months to the US and drive trough the country from West to East.
  • Started doing yoga (where I met the right one)
  • Planned budgets and stuck to them
  • Taught myself about investing
  • Got a degree from Danish School of Journalism and the university afterwards
  • Constantly reflected over my life and how I wanted my life to be and how I wanted to be as a person.