The name of my portfolio is ‘The Dream Account’

Dividends are what dreams are made of. At least for me.

Two years ago, when I started to get back into the investing game, I had to convince my wife to join me on this journey.

From earlier experience I knew, that my only chance of beating the stock market was to use the ultimate weapon against highs and lows of the market: Patience. And that is how I invented ‘The Dream Account’ and it is exactly what you think it would be…. what a terrible cliffhanger.. Please read this post anyway šŸ™‚

My wife and I agreed to save a certain amount every month and put into ‘The Dream Account’ (DA).

Side note: This method is in its essence a great way to achieve financial freedom: You pay yourself first every month, you hide’ the money from yourself meaning you won’t spend it on beer and other important stuff, and by doing it month by month you actually use the Dollar-cost-average method which is proven to be a great way of investing.

Back to me and my DA

We could have chosen to put the money away into a savings account. In that way, we would know exactly how much money we would have, when we choose to cash out and follow our dream. Instead, I have convinced my wife to leave it to me to get the money to grow as much as possible.

It has actually turned out to be an advantage for me, that it’s not solely my own money, Iā€™m investing. I feel a bit less risky when the money is also hers. That is a good thing in my book.

I have made other posts about my strategy and my philosophy of dividends and diversification. I will instead explain why the money is put into a Dream Account instead of just being referred to as a retirement account or plain personal holdings.

To my wife and me, dreams are super important! Dreams are the things we talk about in the evening with a glass of red wine, dreams are a great motivational factor to keep the nose on the grass and keep putting the extra money away instead of using it on spontaneous desires.

When is the right time to live out your dreams?

The hardest part of having a DA is to figure out when to use it – sell all the stocks and use the money to chase a dream.

When we first started the DA, the dream was to go on a great adventure with our kids in 2039! In that way our kids would be grown-ups and be able to remember and participate in the trip as equals. The great thing about this dream is that it gives me 20 years to make the DA grow and the dividends will have a great compounding effect.

Side note: I’m such a control freak which means I already have some ideas in mind like renting an RV and drive around the US, go to Isla del Hobox to snorkel and spend the spring in Portugal.

The bad thing about it is, that it kind of sucks to wait 20 years to live out your dream. This has put me in quite a dilemma. I would really like it, if my wife and I where better of finding peace and happiness in the moment instead of chasing a dream twenty years down the line. What point is there in FIRE, if you’re miserable the entire journey towards it??

The DA could very well be liquidated long before 2039 if we find the right thing for us.

In addition to this I have also started a normal savings account / emergency fund. It is also a clever thing to do. Iā€™m not a good enough investor to make a profit in the stock market without a long time horizon.

This savings account could very well be our ‘Dream Relief Fund’. Now it is up to us to find out what makes us happy in our day-today lives and start nursing this.