Monthly update – December 2019

December is always a busy month, and this year was no exception. I have bought a lot of presents for the ones I love, and I have bought a lot of stocks for my self and for my future. More on that later. Now to what is always the best thing: The Dividends!

This months dividends added up to a total of DKK 130,3 (20 $)

The dividends was paid from a total of 19 companies (Gladstone made two payments):

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Monthly update – November 2019

A poet in Denmark once said: There are 15 months in a year in Denmark. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, November, November……

A dark and rainy month is gone, but something that always shines a light in the dark are dividends being paid to my account.

This months dividends added up to a total of DKK 119,93 (18.5 $)

The dividends was paid from a total of 14 companies:

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My allocation of stocks explained

Everybody needs a strategy to maintain a path. I don’t claim to have the perfect stock strategy or portfolio allocation. I just need a strategy to prevent myself of buying stocks in east and west.

The strategy gives me room to play in the categories Stock Picks and Stamps.

Here is my overall strategy for stock allocation:

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The name of my portfolio is ‘The Dream Account’

Dividends are what dreams are made of. At least for me.

Two years ago, when I started to get back into the investing game, I had to convince my wife to join me on this journey.

From earlier experience I knew, that my only chance of beating the stock market was to use the ultimate weapon against highs and lows of the market: Patience. And that is how I invented ‘The Dream Account’ and it is exactly what you think it would be…. what a terrible cliffhanger.. Please read this post anyway 🙂

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Monthly update – August 2019

It is no secret, that I am in love with dividends! I felt it in my car driving to work this morning. I even look forward to going to work when a month has passed – Then I get the chance to read all the other blogs monthly updates and I can sum up my own month of dividends. The first of every month is really the dividend investors best day of the month!

Let’s get down to business: The dividends!

This month brought in a total of DKK 70 (11,5 $)

The (big pile of) dividends came in from a total of 9 companies:

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