New asset in my portfolio: P2P lending

I have had a small portion of money in a P2P platform, Mintos, for almost a 1½ now. This was to test and learn the system. Now I am finally ready to spread my wings and fly.

I have added a total of DKK 40.000 / 6153 $ to Mintos in the beginning of January

Mintos is the best P2P platform in Europe, and my average interest on my small “test” portfolio was 10,7 %! That is a great yield.

Another benefit at Mintos is the option to auto-invest and auto-reinvest. That is a great feature and really makes this income passive!

Here is my auto-invest strategy:

I only invest in loan originators with a buyback-guarantee. There is still a lot of risk involved in P2P lending, and I will never invest money, that I couldn’t afford to loose.

If you’re interested in Mintos, you can use this link and get and additional 1% for the first couple of months: My affiliate link to Mintos

This also means, I will start to add my gains from Mintos to my monthly updates.