Monthly update – May 2019

Sell in May, and stay away!!

Wow – sometimes I forget my strategy and start to panic when my stocks sdecrease in value. May has been a son of a b*tch to my portfolio value… But hey: Great news!!

My strategy is not based on selling my stocks, but rather keeping my stocks for a long long time as long as they are paying me dividends. And guess what? They are!!

My dividend income in May:

In May I received a total of 27 $ in dividends. The dividends came from:

General D5,78

The amount is in Danish Kroner – just divide by 7,5 for euro or 6,6 for US dollars.

As you can see my monthly paying stocks STAG, AGNC, Harvest and Gladstone are all paying dividends to me now. I plan on adding another monthly paying stock in my next shopping spree. Which may not be that far away… more on that later in this post.

Stock buys in May

I May i bought three index stocks and two “stamp” stocks.

I Denmark we call it a stamp, when we buy a small number of shares in a company, that we believe could grow in the future but could also go to zero. My two stamps are: Changyou (which actually pays dividends!) and Saniona.

The three index stocks I bought is: USA Growth Shares by Sparindex, Far East Index by Danske Invest and iShares Euro Corporate (My first bond share and basically not an index stock, but still counts as one in my stats).

The personal side of things.

The first of March my wife and I moved to another (and cheaper) part of Denmark and I got a new job in the area.

Right now we have started to renovate a small house. We have not spend our entire life savings on the project (yet) 🙂

BTW: I managed to get a mortgage with locked interest on 1 % for twenty years! Crazy!!!

That means we actually have a chunk of money when we have the final payout from the sale of our old house. The money are meant to be our saving for the time we eventually find the house, that we want to live in for the rest of our life. This could potentially be the one, that we bought now, but then the money is for an extension with two more rooms.

But with the recent situation in the stock market with increased fear and decreasing prices, I could be tempted to make a small shopping extravaganza soon… That is the great thing of having a watchlist… This actually could be a good thing to write about in a coming blog post, but I must be honest to say, that with a new job, new house project it is hard to find the time to manage this blog as well as it deserves.. Hopefully it gets better in the autumn 🙂

Until then: May your dividends be strong and reinvested.. See you.