Monthly update – March & April 2019

Why U no write??

I’m sorry to have let you down dear reader.. In the private sphere of my life there have been a lot of changes. More on that later in this post.

But first the dividends!

In March I received a total of 12 $ in dividends. The dividends came from:


The amount is in Danish Kroner – just divide by 7,5 for euro or 6,6 for US dollars.

As you can see my Swedish stock buys are starting to pay me back. As in Denmark a lot of the Swedish stocks pays once a year, but in Sweden the payouts tend to spread more out during the year, whereas in Denmark the companies tend to payout in March only.

In April I received a total of 203 DKK (31 $). The dividends came from:

Spar Nord48

I’m super happy with April! March, April and May will, without a doubt, be the strongest dividend months in the years to come. A close contender is February due to my strategy of having index funds, and they will pay me in February.

The personal side of things.

TThe first of March I had my first day of my new job. My wife and I have moved to another (and cheaper) part of Denmark and I got a new job in the area.

There is a lot of stuff related to such a move like selling a house, buying a new, finding new daycare for our girl, finding a new job, starting a new job, trying to figure out if the decision was a good one or not. Right now, we are positive but tired. It is quite stressful, but the reason why we moved is to be closer to our family and hopefully they have helped as much as we had hoped.

My hope is, that I soon find some extra time in our schedule to manage this blog. Until then: May your dividends be strong and reinvested.. See you.