Monthly update – June 2019

This monthly report has story about a stock with a whopping 50 % yield!!! So you better read trough

My dividend income in June:

In June I received a total of 88 $ in dividends! A new record for European Dividend Blog! But when you look closer, you will see a stock paying more than any other stock: (The numbers below are in Danish Kroner – to get $ just divide by 6,5)


Gladstone has paid me twice in June and the rest of the monthly paying stocks just keeps paying me steady dividends. What a joy!!

In June I have added 9 new stocks to my portfolio and bought more of some of my index funds. LTC properties is a new of the monthly paying stocks and already they are paying me dividends.

As you can see, Changyou has paid med almost 100 $ in dividends. They paid a crazy 10 $ per share and with a stock price at 20 $ the yield was 50 %!!!!

I don’t expect this to continue giong forward, but it was a fun dividend to receive.

Inspirational post

I read a lot of financial blogs regarding dividends and FIRE. Here is one them, and it is in it’s essence “just” another monthly report, but it is truly inspring to see the graph of annual dividends compared. Here you can see the snow ball roll! So inspiring and I’m looking forward to follow that graph and hopefully seeing it explode going forward.