Monthly update – July 2019

Summer all over! Summer holidays from the job and the dividends also seem to be on holiday.

It’s time for my monthly update. This time the dividends are quite small but the monthly paying stocks just keep paying – thank you for that!

Here is this month’s dividends:

La Doria17,02
Vanguard all world8,59
Ishares Euro16,28

The numbers are in Danish Kroner – for US Dollars divide by 6,7.

This month dividends total to 82,46 DKK / 12,3 $

It is a small amount, but I am still pleased. A lot of the US Quarterly paying companies either pay in May or June, and a lot of my annual paying stocks pay out in other months as well, so it was expected.

This is my first payout from La Doria, and I am very pleased with this buy.

The stocks are currently falling due to the trade war between Trump and China. Maybe it is time to make new buys? I have a few stocks on my watchlist, but I am also keen to buy more stocks in companies I already own – some of my stocks have been declining the last few weeks, but I still believe in their business. Especially Abbvie, Nordea, Nokian, Gilead and Daimler is traded at a discount in my opinion.

Personal note

In the private sphere, not much has happened. We spent summer in Denmark and visited Bornholm which I can highly recommend!!

We have also been fixing our new home and we hope to finish this month and move in September.

The blog is also getting more and more attention and more readers are visiting the blog. I am very grateful for this!! When the house is done, I hope to have more time to spend on the blog – I truly enjoy the community aroung FIRE and dividend investing.