Monthly update – February 2020


The Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and in the headlines as well. The market has taken a huge drop and I honestly don’t know what is coming next? My thoughts goes out to the people and families affected by the virus!

But one thing are the personal consequences of the virus. Another thing is the stock market. I have made a record-breaking month for trading and for dividends. I have bought and sold so many stocks this past month, that it has to be told in a seperate and coming blog post.

The dividends on the other hand comes right here:

This months dividends added up to a total of DKK 417 (63,24 $)!

The dividends was paid from a total of 24 companies.

This is the best month so far other than June 2019, which had a single payment from Changyou, which broke the normal picture.

Here are this months dividends:

Danske Invest Fjernøsten17,52
General Dynamics5,83
Crestwood EP10,83
Proctor & Gamble4,41
Kinder Morgen Inc. 14,62
Energy Transfer15,98
Unum Group8,44
California Water Service Group4,98
SPDR Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats11,56
Sparindex USA Growth55,19
Sparindex OMX C2523,65
Sparindex Europe Small Cap52,63
Sparindex Emerging Markets11,1
Sparindex DJSI114,17
iShares Developed Property Yield9
LTC Properties4,41
Harvest Capital7,41
Gladstone Investment7,27

As always, the numbers are in DKK – for Euro divide by 7,5 and US dollars divide by 6,5

The months great results is due to the payments from the Danish ETF’s from Sparindex. It is passive funds and pay once a year. I also received my first payment from Energy Transfer and I get a yield of 7%! That is great, and I hope they can sustain this level.

Since I started my dividend portfolio, I have received a total of DKK 1734,83 kr. / 262 $

Here you can see the development of the accumulated dividends since the beginning in January 2019:

Since last month I have started to add income from my P2P lending. I have invested a total of DKK 40.000 / 6153 $

In February I received DKK 275,49 / 42 $

The payments will be a bit higher in coming months because I just started investing and the loans will start to be paid back in the coming period.

Stock buys

As mentioned, I really upped my stock trading game this month due to the huge volatility coming from the nervous market regarding the uncertainty regarding the scale of the Coronavirus.