Monthly update – December 2019

December is always a busy month, and this year was no exception. I have bought a lot of presents for the ones I love, and I have bought a lot of stocks for my self and for my future. More on that later. Now to what is always the best thing: The Dividends!

This months dividends added up to a total of DKK 130,3 (20 $)

The dividends was paid from a total of 19 companies (Gladstone made two payments):

Parker Haffinin5,05
United Technologies4,26
Vanguard all world7,99
Vanguard High Dividend6,31
Ishares Euro Dividend2,76
Gilead Sciences7,13

As always, the numbers are in DKK – for Euro divide by 7,5 and US dollars divide by 6,5

A really great month of dividends with a lot of steady names like T.Rowe, J&J, 3M, United Technologies and some ETF’s like Vanguard all World.

Even though the monthly paying stocks are a bit riskier than “normal” stocks, I must say, that they are paying quite steady dividends every month. I know it’s “just” 5 $, but hey; It’s a start.

As a new addition for these monthly updates I will from now on have a graph of my total accumulated dividends:

Since I started my dividend portfolio, I have received a total of DKK 1.215,08 kr. / 187 $

Stock buys

As mentioned, I really upped my stock purchasing game, and will continue for the coming months.

I bought twelve new stocks in December and added to one of my other positions:

Stockno. of shares
Prosus NV2
Uber Technologies Inc.4
Sparindex – INDEX Dow Jones Sustainability World6
Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS3
Unilever NV2
Carnival Corp.3
Intel Corp.2
Microsoft Corp.1
iRobot Corp.2
Toyota Motor Corp.1
China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd3
Ternium SA7

Uber, Prosus and iRobot do not pay a dividend. I bought them for my small collection of stocks of my allocation, that I call stamps. Read more about that here.

Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Microsoft, Toyota and Intel are giant companies with a small yield but steady income. I have long wanted to add Microsoft to my portfolio, and now the first share is bought. Hopefully I can add a few more, when the stock price takes a dip in the future.

Carnival Corp. and Ternium has a higher yield but also a but more risk.