Monthly update – August 2020

I must apologize to you, dear reader. I have not updated this blog as much nor as often as I would like to.

I have met this phenomenon many times in the blogosphere, and now it seems that I myself have done it: Lot of motivation the first year of a new blog, then silence for 6 months.

A lot of blogs die after a year or so. As a reader you come back month after month to find the same blogpost as the latest published post. At the end, you delete the blog as a bookmark, and the blog dies a slow death.

I hope, I can avoid this, and this monthly update is my first step to resurrection.

I will not go into details regarding the past months. Instead I will start on a fresh and hopefully cover the summer in a later post or in a post around New Years.

All in all, August has been a month as usual for a dividend investor like myself. I can’t believe the market is keep going up up up, but nevertheless, this is what’s happened.

My stocks are at an all-time high, but my dividends lack a bit due to a lot of my European stocks cutting this years dividend due to the Covid-19 situation.

Nevertheless, I received dividends from 33 companies in August paying me a total of 448 DKK / 71 $.

The dividends was the following:

AT&T Inc.36,42
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.14,5
CVS Health Corp.5,38
General Mills10,57
Verizon Comms6,65
The Pnc Financial Services Group6,18
General Dynamics23,54
Owens Corning2,58
AGNC Investment Corp.5,18
AbbVie Inc.50,56
Colgate Palmolive9,46
Crestwood Equity Partners LP47,15
Main Street Capital Corp.3,34
Omega Healthcare Investors Inc.43,06
Realty Income Corporation11,22
Abbott Laboratories3,83
Hormel Foods Corp.3,71
Kinder Morgan Inc.23,81
Procter & Gamble Co.21,1
STAG Industrial Inc.3,2
People’s United Financial Inc.17,26
SPDR S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats UCITS15,41
Energy Transfer14,41
AllianceBernstein Holding LP7,23
California Water Service Group Holding4,55
Cap One Finance1,58
Caterpillar Inc.10,99
Starbucks Corp.8,72
Unum Group7,67
WestRock Co.10,71
iShares Developed Property Yield8
Gladstone Investment Corp.6,68
LTC Properties Inc.4,06

The amounts is in DKK – for USD divide by 6,3.

I have accumulated a lot of stocks in 2020, and the dividends are starting to pick up pace as a result of this.

New strategy

I have changed my strategy a bit. At the beginning of 2019 I made a strategy focusing on diversification.

But I realized this mantra made me buy some high-risk stocks just for the purpose of diversification.

My new strategy is not ready to be written down and published, but some of the new things is to accumulate stocks from a list of favorite stocks – that is why you see, that stocks like Abbvie and AT&T pay me a bigger dividend than usual.

Some of the stocks I have accumulated are Coca-Cola, IBM, Lockheed Martin and Abbvie.

Since I started my dividend portfolio, I have received a total of DKK 1734,83 kr. / 262 $

Total dividends

Here you can see the development of the accumulated dividends since the beginning in January 2019:

I been paid a total of almost 5.000 DKK / 786 $

I will no longer include payments from P2P lending as the months vary too much, and there is a big lag of payments due to the Covid-19 situation at the moment. Right now, I stand to lose 10% of my portfolio in defaulted Loan Operators.

I maybe have some new for you in the coming months – I plan to obtain some debt to fund an investment in a retail/real estate project in Denmark.

The investment amounts to 100.000 € and will thereby surpass my total investments in stocks by a factor 2!

That’s all folks. I hope to deliver more blogposts in the future… I bet you’ve heard that before 🙂