Monthly update – August 2019

It is no secret, that I am in love with dividends! I felt it in my car driving to work this morning. I even look forward to going to work when a month has passed – Then I get the chance to read all the other blogs monthly updates and I can sum up my own month of dividends. The first of every month is really the dividend investors best day of the month!

Let’s get down to business: The dividends!

This month brought in a total of DKK 70 (11,5 $)

The (big pile of) dividends came in from a total of 9 companies:

General D5,8
Ishares Developed11,48

As always, the numbers are in DKK – for euro divide by 7,5 and US dollars divide by 6,5

This was the first time, I got paid by iShares developed Property Yield ETF. A dividend yield of almost 2 % is good – furthermore I got paid by Abbvie, California Water Systems, General Dynamics, Kinder Morgan and my monthly dividend stocks.

I’m in contact with my broker Saxobank regarding my Harvest Capital stocks. It is a monthly paying company, but if I don’t go into my account every month and choose cash dividend, the dividend will be reinvested. But I am not sure, that this is viable for a Danish investor, and I am afraid of what is happening with this very small dividend. This could be a downside of my diversification and small investments.