Heja Sverige! New stock buys extravaganza

As I told you in my last post the difference between Danish and Swedish kroner is at a favorable rate (for Danes) right now. Therefor I turned to my watch-list of stocks and found some Swedish dividend stocks to pick up.

This really pins out why it is important to have a watch-list with a lot of stocks on it. Maybe I should write a post about it later on.

By having these stocks in my searchlight I could react fast when the currency hit a low yesterday. My broker have certain rules for minimum buys, and regarding Swedish stocks they have a minimum buy amount of 1.000 Swedish kroner – but with the low rate on Swedish kroner that meant I could buy a lot of different stocks for a small amount of Danish kroner.

These are my buys yesterday:


Clas Ohlson





And there’s more!!

I also looked towards Germany and USA and bought these three stocks:



Franklin Resources

Again I bought stocks for a relative small amount meaning I have maximum diversification. Abbvie and Franklin Resources are dividend aristocrats and the buys is a part of my goal of having all dividend aristocrats and kings in my portfolio.

Volkswagen is trading at a very low P/E right now. If I traded in US dollars the current Euro/Dollar ratio would make it even more beneficial – A top tip for all you US readers!!

Volkswagen trades at a current P/E around 5-6. They have a dividend yield of 2.6 %.

What do you think of my buys?