Check out Europe’s worst stamp collection

I have four stamps.. Not the boring thing you put on letters back in the 90’s, but stamps in the way, I have bought a small portion of shares in four companies that I consider high risk.

It is mostly a Danish term to call these small buys with high risk a “stamp” – It just means that you invest a smaller amount than you usually do, and that you are ok with a bankruptcy or two 🙂

Now I want to show you my stamp collection, which at the moment must be the worst in Europe 🙂

Stock Buy Current Loss
NIO 5,09 3,16 -38%
Saniona 25,9 19,56 -24%
Changyou 19,25 9,41 -51%
ÅAC Microtech 5,25 4,52 -14%


Even though these numbers are terrible, I actually don’t mind. I haven’t risked my entire savings in these stocks. I have invested an amount I’m ok with loosing – I don’t plan on it though!

Stocks is a risk/reward type of game. My global ETF’s are not that risky, but I can’t expect a return much greater than 5-8 % per year. With these stamps I hope that one of them will grow 100-500 % over the next 5-8 years. Substantially more than my ETF’s but also with a risk of getting a big fat zero!

To those of you that haven’t heard of these stocks before here comes a small recap of the 4 businesses:


Chinese car manufacturer who specializes in electrical cars. Their design is no on level with Tesla or the Germans yet, but even if they only get successful in China, that is still a pretty big market!


Saniona is a research and development company focused on drugs for diseases of the central nervous system, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and treatment of pain.  (source: Nordnet)

They don’t have a blockbuster with some candidates they are hoping to get approved.

ÅAC Microtech

With an Å (aa) in its name this company will have a hard time to sell outside Scandinavia. Yet they actually sell a lot and have a quite good order book. Unfortunately, they don’t make a profit… yet.

The company specializes in Nanosatellites just like the Danish company Gomspace. I heard about ÅAC in a podcast, where some analysts conveyed the market and different market players and concluded that ÅAC was one the companies most likely to make a net profit in this business.


This company is also Chinese and specialized in gaming. The big loss I have in this company is actually a huge dividend! I don’t expect i 50 % yield every year, but from what I have heard the company have made a successful game and decided to pay out the profits from this to its investors. This buy is a hope, that they will develop another game with success.

Why bother with stamps?

Stamps to me is a way to stimulate my need and desire to stock pick. I believe in my strategy, but I also know myself well enough to acknowledge that I need stimulation to keep motivated. These stamps do just that.

For me it is not about the amount of money, but more about finding hidden gems in the stock market. This keep me at my toes and motivates me to read a lot about the stock market in general which in the end will benefit me along the way. And maybe I will someday be able to write an updated article about these 4 stamps and be able to tell you about one or two success stories.