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The name of my portfolio is ‘The Dream Account’

Dividends are what dreams are made of. At least for me.

Two years ago, when I started to get back into the investing game, I had to convince my wife to join me on this journey.

From earlier experience I knew, that my only chance of beating the stock market was to use the ultimate weapon against highs and lows of the market: Patience. And that is how I invented ‘The Dream Account’ and it is exactly what you think it would be…. what a terrible cliffhanger.. Please read this post anyway 🙂

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What I would do if I were in my twenties

I know it is odd to get life advice from a 35-year old. Life advice usually comes from celebrities or old people.

But I think it is great to get advice from someone who stills remembers how it was and has a somewhat good idea of how the worlds works today.

This makes the advice more realistic and more down to earth than say an advice from Kanye West or my wifes grandmother who’s 87 years old.

Here is my list of things I would do if I was in my twenties:

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Buy Toyota stocks and get a free car

I know the title is somewhat of a cliffhanger – so dear reader: Please hang on. I will get to it in the end.

First I would like to explain our current situation. We have decided to move. The 1st of march we move from Denmark’s second biggest city to a smaller (cheaper) town. It is closer to our parents, which is the main reason for the big decision.

The decision has a major impact on our life. We need to sell our current house. We need to find a new home. We need to find daycare and jobs and so on.

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