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Monthly update – May 2019

Sell in May, and stay away!!

Wow – sometimes I forget my strategy and start to panic when my stocks sdecrease in value. May has been a son of a b*tch to my portfolio value… But hey: Great news!!

My strategy is not based on selling my stocks, but rather keeping my stocks for a long long time as long as they are paying me dividends. And guess what? They are!!

My dividend income in May:

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Monthly update – February 2019

There is a first time for everything. This is my first monthly update on European Dividend Blog ever! Congratulations to me.

The blog is actually gaining some traction and there are more followers/readers than I would ever expect after just two months blogging. Thank you for that. I know my English skills are not the best, but I actually started blogging in English to educate myself and improve my skills in this language. I promise I will improve along the way!

On the personal side we have sold our house and we are moving out in April. I don’t share a lot about our personal finances, but maybe that will change along the way with this blog.

The sell of the house was good news for us. We are planning to move to a cheaper part of Denmark closer to our parents. I have quit my job and got a new one also near by the city of our parents. It is a big change in our life but our investment strategy shouldn’t be affected by this.

The sale of the house means we most likely will have some spare cash to spend after the purchase of a new house, and I really don’t know what to do with this. That is something to figure out in the next couple of months.


In February I received my first dividends!! YAYYYYY!!

Here are the BIG numbers. Prepare to be blown away:

Kinder Morgan = 11,24 DKK
California Water = 4,41 DKK
SparIndex World = 16,35 DKK
SparIndex C25 = 28,91 DKK
Gladstone Investment = 6,72 DKK

Total = 67,63 DKK / 10,3 $

This will cover 0,3 % of my monthly expenses 🙂

I know it is almost something to laugh about, but I am actually just really happy to be on my way. My strategy is to invest small in a lot of different companies to lower my risk. That means I will receive a lot of small dividends throughout the year. Hopefully we will see a big increase next year, and the year after that, and the year after that….

Favorite posts

The best way to make great stuff is to steal from the best. In these monthly updates I will copy the work of Carl from and give you my top three favorite posts from the dividend, FIRE and personal finance ‘blogosphere’ the last month.

Stockles – Arne is no longer anonymous. In this post he reveals his identity and tells an honest story about love, investing and life decisions. – Louis at Wannebe Walden have made this post, where the FIRE guru Jakob Lund Fisker’s answer from a Facebook group is re-posted. Jakob Lund Fisker is a great inspiration to me, and his answer in this post could persuade anyone to chase FIRE. – Ever dreamt of moving to another country with better weather? RouteToRetire are planning to move to Panama in the summer of 2019. In this post he explains some of the thoughts behind the big move.

See you in my next update. /EDB