European Dividend blog was created in 2018. I live in Denmark where I have a full-time job as marketing coordinator in a medium sized company. I have invested the last ten years, but never had the stamina to follow a true strategy. I have used all the funds to buy a home, and now I want to come back in the investing game where my focus will be on dividend investing.

Why dividend stocks? There is a lot of good things to say about stocks that doesn’t pay dividend. The reason why I love dividends so much is that you get constant feedback from your investments. Especially in the accumulating phase dividends help to increase your buying power and thereby your ability to diversify and create a compounding effect.

If I had a huge pile of money and I wanted them to grow over the next decade maybe investing in non-paying stocks would be a better strategy. But I don’t! I save up month after month and therefor I like to use the dividend along with my savings each month to buy new stocks.

I’m was born in 1984 and have a wife and a daughter (2017).

The blog is created as a European counterpart to all the great american dividend and FIRE blogs.