A post about my thoughts

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your support and for coming back to my blog!

This post is a bit different and will not be stock specific nor about dividends. This blog post will be about my thoughts on life.

People are driven by diffenrent factors. A key factor is motivation. I need motivation to go to work everyday. I need motivation to excersize and so on. My investing motivation is relatively high. (much more motivated to invest and write on this blog, than my regular work :-))

I keep track of my stocks several times a day – I bet a lot of you investors do the same! Even though my strategy is to buy and hold, I check those stock prices in the morning, by midday and when the US stock market open in the afternoon.

The biggest moivation to this is the dream of freedom. I know it sounds like the ultimate klioche, so bare with me.

Pursuit of freedom

This dream of finincial freedom has been a huge part of me troughout my life. I have never found a regular job that has given me any particular joy or excitement. If I could choose between working and not working, I would choose not working everytime.

You can call me lazy, and you can ask me, why I donøt quit and find a better job. This is a personal and internal debate that also goes on inside my mind all the time. I get mad at myself for not finding joy in my work – it should be a good match for me… but I don’t feel it. I don’t feel motivated, I don’t feel happy basically.

The pursuit of freedom is, no matter if I like or not, also an escape. An escape from my regular life as a worker.

Wealth does not equal happiness

I know that getting rich does not automatically make me happy. But don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for a lot of things in life. I love my wife and daughter, I know I’m priviliged to grow up in a country with free heathcare, low corruption and high safety withou poverty, wars etc. But that doesn’t mean I should stop striving. I strive for financial freedom. When I reach that my life wonøt stop moving. I hoe to then find the motivation to help people in need. Start porject that benefit the community.

The easy thing to say now is: why donøt you start those projects now? And I donøt have a good answer for that. Maybe I really am a lazy and spoiled guy from one of the best countries in the world. Maybe I’m just not like the rest of the world. I feel like an idiot writig this, but a truly don’t believe I’m cut to work for other people and have a ‘normal’ job. I know the answer is to quit and start for myself and start to do some good in my community and help other people. For now, I chase financial freedom.