9 new stocks in the portfolio

One of the most bizarre experiences of my life as a stock investor happened when I implemented my new strategy.

I have purchased 9 stocks within one hour!! Total cost? 1386€

My new strategy is to make small buys and gain a great deal of diversification.

The stocks

Enough talk and down to business.

My 9 new stock buys are :

Spar Nord1954,7 dKr
Daimler347,61 €
Sparindex DJSI World8133 dKr
Sparindex C256191 dKr
Aflac445 $
Harvest Capital169,85$
Johnson & Johnson2127,8 $
Gladstone Investment189,35$
Kinder Morgan1015,29$

Name, number of stocks, price

Even without the two funds these stock will pay me 50€ in dividends in 2019! That is a yield of 4,5%. I’m very pleased with this. Even though there is a risk, that some of the companies will decrease their dividends, there is just as good a chance that some of them will increase their dividends.

Aflac is a dividend aristocrat meaning they have continuously increased the size of their dividends. To be considered a dividend aristocrat, a company must typically raise dividends consistently for at least 25 years. Johnson & Johnson is a dividend king. They have raised dividends consistently the last 50 years.